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Page updated January 5, 2019
All links tested January 5, 2019; dead links corrected, if possible, or removed if not.

Policy: only musician sites with on-line song samples or links to sample files will be considered for listing.
This is to your advantage as it is one of your best and lowest-cost marketing tools.
(Legendary musicians who have joined the celestial choir are exempt from this policy.)

Musicians: Never give up your domain name or let your registration expire. You will not be able to recover it, ever, without paying through the nose. You don't need to maintain an actual website if you are on hard times, but find a way to keep your name registered!

There are a lot of links here (well over 600 unique URLs at last count,) if you find a dead one, know an updated URL, or discover a link that has been taken over by someone other than the band, please email me. Thanks!

Also, over time errors in the alphabetical order of links have occurred, so if you don't see the link you are looking for at first, look up and down a few items. Musicians are ordered by last name; bands by band name.